No relationship is just given. It is a very dynamic animal. And you have to take care of it and feed it. Otherwise, it can get wild or even slowly die. Many couples are not aware of this fact but this is the reality. You have to actively maintain your relationship!

Our application can be a nice tool to support your effort maintaining a good, live status of your relationship. There are several ways how to do it:

  • Use Partnership meter button – at any time you feel you want to send an active signal to you partner, something like heartbeat signal, use the button on top of the screen (with two hearts on it) and your partner will immediately receive a message about you and your feelings. What will your partner actually receive? A Very simple position of the Partnership meter knob. Our continuously learning engine will accompany this information with helpful message or advice generated by the system.
  • Share and see partner events – in case you have your partner in your friends list there is a choice to mark her or him as a partner (heart button on detail page). Then you can see all events your partner is entering into the application. And your partner can do the same to see yours. In case you want to keep some events private you can read about it here
  • Send a message – there is another option – just to send the message to your partner directly. It is easy as in any other application. Select your partner from the list, write down the text and/or record your voice, attach picture or video and click the Send button.

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