To make records about your feelings and emotions with our myMOODaily application is really great and useful. However sharing records about your daily emotional status is for sure much more fun.

Let’s do it. Any event that you make can be potentially shared unless you didn’t check it as private.

You can do it selectively for every single event you want to make or you can just select on your friend detail screen that you don’t want to share events with her or him.

It’s your friend or partner that needs to say that she or he wants to see your events in our myMOODdaily application.

How to say that I’m a partner – she or he just needs to select the button ()

How to say that I’m a friend that I want to see the events of – she or he just needs to select one of three number buttons (  ).

Then they will see your events depicted in shape of these buttons. By tapping on the icon she or he can see the detail of the event.