The MOODaily application supports simple messaging with your partner and friends. They should be, of course, users of the application. How to do can be found here.

Sending messages is very simple. We are supporting messages only within the application. We do not want to compete with any chat applications. They have their place and role, which is different from our one. Messages in the MOODaily application are considered as supplementary support to your mood and emotion care and sharing.

How to send a message?

That is a very easy thing. Just press the + (plus) button in the top right corner of the Messages screen.

You can select one of you friends that you want to send messages to.

In addition to text message, you can attach a recording of your voice, picture, and video.

(To record your voice just push and hold the voice button. When you release the button, the recording will stop and you will see a green checkmark on the voice button. You can replay the recording)

Once you push Send button, your friend will immediately receive your message as well as notification about your message arrival.