Registering into the MOODaily application is easy and pretty straightforward.

The first thing is, actually, to have the application installed in you mobile.

You can do it by downloading it from AppStore here: 

Once you open the application you will see the login page. No one, who is not registered can use the application. We prefer real people using the application.

Then go to registration screen by pressing the Register button. Fill up fields. Pay attention to the Username. It has to be unique as it identifies you in the application. Use the Test button, please, to test availability to Username. Pay special attention to Password. You do not wat anybody else to easily guess your password and use your private data.

Once you register, you will very soon get verification email into your mailbox. Check your spam box. Just in case. Open it and click the link included in the email. It will enable your account.

Why we require valid email?

Do not worry. We will never spam you. We are not a marketing company. it is a minimum check that we want you to pass, We prefer real people than robots or scammers.