Recommendations are one of the strong functionality of our MOODaily application, that is supporting our main goal – to help you manage our emotional and mood status. We will send you recommendations based on data you enter into the application.

Based on rules we are and always will develop, the system will send to you supportive recommendation to help you to understand what is going on in your life and support you as you tackle with challenges as well as enjoy happy moments.

You can find the recommendation on timeline screen in the form of document icon. If you click on this icon, you can read the text of recommendation. Another place is to go to messages screen and switch to recommendation folder. There you can find all of the recommendations we sent to you.

Read them and enjoy,


There is worth to mention that our recommendations are very light and should be part of your information source and entertainment as well. It can not be understood as a treatment or something similar. It is not, by any means intended to replace you personal psychology consulant or doctor. We just know your data. Our team is not a team of doctors and even more, we are not in real contact with you. We are just remote squad trying to support you.