One of primary intent of the MOODaily application is to help you socialize with your friends. Of course, you can say, there is already billions of social applications and it is true. However, every Social application has a different reason, target, and usage. The MOODdaily application is to help you with your psychology, moods, and emotions. And is is always nice and useful to involve your partner and friends. You will most probably consider a different group of people speaking about your internals than speaking about last football match.

How can you involve friends into the MOODaily application?

  • At the first step, they need to have the application installed. It is available in Apple Store 
  • They need to register to the MOODaily application. It easy and straightforward but in case here is how to do.
  • To include your friend into the application there are basically two ways:
    • Search for users by an username or a real name in Search screen accessible by clicking (plus) sign in the top right corner of the screen.
    • Scan QR code – this option is even more convenient in case you are at the same place. One of you needs to go to Profile screen and click on QR code button. It will display the QR code with ID. The other one needs to push + (plus) and select Scan QR code function.
  • The last step is to accept Invitation using Accept button.

And that’s all folks. Pretty, easy, isn’t it?