Sometimes is not easy to express your feelings about the status of your partnership. Talk to you partner face-to-face about your concerns or bad feelings is not easy. With our myMOODaily application function – Partnership meter, you can send a quick update about how do you feel regarding how you partner is doing and even more he will receive smart recommendation how to improve his or her treatment of you.

It’s more than easy – use the button that you can see below:

  • Move the button into the position that best represents your current feeling about your relationship status.
  • Tap twice quickly and you will see the button rotating.
  • You have short to decide: send or not send:
    • Send – tap twice quickly again on that button.
    • Don’t send – tap once or wait. The button will get lazy quickly and stop rotating.

Your partner will be immediately noticed and she or he can see your message on the screen.

By tapping on the icon she or he can see detail message, that we make for your partner.