In your myMOODaily application, you will capture data about you, your life moments, feelings and many other things. It represents, in fact, quite sensitive private information or not? Yes, you will agree, that it is quite sensitive stuff. We are fully aware of such fact and we care much about it.

How can we protect your sensitive data?

  • Security technology – we use all possible technical means to protect your data from being stolen or misused. It includes encrypted communication, secure encrypted storage of your password and all similar technical instruments.
  • Private events – you can select for each event you want to enter into the application whether you want to make it public or keep it secret just for you. You can select for each of your friends on the application whether you intend her or him to see your events or not.
  • Get rid of annoying users – in case you have someone who you have included in your friend’s list and she or he started to be annoying to you, you can do basically two things:
    • Report the user – you can click the Report button available on Friend detail screen and send us the report with a short comment. And you can be sure, we will handle such case carefully.
    • Delete the user – you can always dismiss the annoying user from your directory by just simple delete button.