We are trying to reiterate the fact that engaging your partner and friend into your emotions and mood management could be fun and very helpful.

That is why we build quite rich support for such activity in our MOODaily application. So how to do.

The first thing is that your friends need to have our application installed. It can be easily downloaded from Apple AppStore here 

The second thing is that they need to be users of the application. How to do is described here.

The third step is that you need to make them friends in our application. How to do is described here.

The next step is to select the friend. You can do it on friend detail screen. Just select the partner (heart button) or friend (number button). Available buttons are black. Taken place is represented by the gray button.

Then going to timeline screen you can select who’s events you want to really see. It can be done by a menu on the right side of the screen. You can manipulate the appearance of the menu by simple gestures: (left from the edge of the screen = show the menu. Right swipe = hide the menu.

On the menu you can find several buttons:

  • Partnership meter button – button with two hearts (the same as on top of the screen) show/hide short Partner meter signs about your relationship status.
  • Partner events button – heart button – show/hide events entered by you life partner
  • Friend events buttons – numbered buttons – show/hide event recorded by your selected friends
  • Zoom buttons – + (plus) and – (minus) buttons – zoom in/out in time. It will help you to see the detail of the time (zoom in) or overview of the longer time period. The time scale is zooming from a quarter of an hour to month units.

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