Starting to use the myMOODaily application should be pretty easy and straightforward. Let’s do first steps together:

  1. Download and install the MOODaily application from Apple’s AppStore. 
  2. Register in the application and create your personal account. The full description is here.
  3. Register you first good moment this day – your first check-in in the MOODdaily application. It is easy but if you need the full description is here.
  4. You can see all your event depicted as green pins on the log screen. If you tap on any of them, then you can see a detail of any event.
  5. One function of the myMOODaily application, that you will really love, is Partner meter. First, you need to make your partner be a  friend in the myMOODaily application. The description is here and here. Then you can enjoy communication with your partner regarding your relationship.

It’s simple, isn’t it? If you still need more, there is several How to’s here.

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