We think you may have questions that need to be answered and it is always nice to find the answer without really asking and waiting for the answer. So this is the place for your questions were already answered. The list will grow according to how another question will emerge:

Q: Are my data secure in the application?

A: Yes. Your data is solely your asset. We are using all available means to protect your data. We will never use them for any other purpose than for the operation and improvements of the myMOODaily application.

Q: Can I define who can see my events?

A: Yes. You can specify privacy of every event you put into the application and or you can specify the friend you don’t want to see your events.

Q: Can I be an anonymous guest?

A: Unfortunately not. In fact, we don’t verify any information you entered beside the verified email. We prefer life, real users not machines or robots. So just email. Any other information you will publish about yourself is purely up to you.

Q: Can I have in my application registered people that are not users of the application nor my friends?

A: Sure. There is a possibility to enter ‘Virtual person’. That is defined for the case you want to collect events linked with a specific person but that person is not your friend nor using the application. Or you don’t want her or him to know. It could be your boss, neighbor…

Q: Is there any statistics about my events?

A: Currently we didn’t put any statistics, graphs or anything similar to the application. We don’t see it practical at the moment. You can zoom log screen and see your events in longer time perspective. We think that’s what is enough. However, in future, if there is demand for it, we can include some sort of statistics in our application.

Q: Can I get rid of the application and my account in your systems?

A: Yes. We are sure you will never need this functionality. In case you’ll really need it, there is a button on the settings page, accessible from Me (my profile screen). Or you can just delete the application from your mobile.

Q: Can I protect myself against annoying users?

A: Yes. There are several options. Don’t share events with them. Don’t accept a friend request or delete them from your friend’s directory. Or just send us a report (button on the friend detail screen) and we will handle that case properly.

If you still have something you want to ask, don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll be more than happy to answer any of your good questions.