The myMOODaily application possesses a number of nice and interesting features that you can have good fun by using them. To help you to discover them there is a brief list:


  •  Logging your daily events – this the primary function of the application. You can capture everything that happened to you. And later you can review it and think about the impact of such event to your mood, decisions you made and overall impact on your mood status. Our continuously developed engine will do the same and will give you useful hints how to improve your mental and emotional health.


  • Communicate with your partner – in case you have any good or bad feeling about your relationship status you can immediately share it with you life partner just by couple taps. It can nurture your relationship with an additional way of communication, ease communication of difficult times or just send your partner sign of keeping her or him to know that she or he is always in your mind. It can help your relationship to be more vital and fresh.


  • Share with your friends – collecting events is good however sharing them with your partner and friends is even more fun. You can select one partner (we hope it is enough) and up to three friends to see how they are doing. In case you have occasions spending time together, you can compare your feelings from shared time.


  • Send a message to your friend or partner – you can easily send a short message to your partner or friends. You can easily attach pictures, voice recording or video to each message. On the other hand, the myMOODaily application is not a competitor of the chat application. Therefore messages functionality is simplified.


  • Receive recommendation – based on our analysis of your data, our studies and research, we will send you from time to time some useful recommendation. Our recommendations should serve you as a support, advice, and entertainment.