MOODaily offers you a unique, powerful tool to understand your emotions, manage a fresh relationship with your partner and share your experience with your best friends.

After many years of careful studies, discussions with experts and our own life experience we come out with an excellent application that has one primary goal – to help you to manage your emotional health and status.

How is it working?

You can log any moment that you feel as important for you with various types of information. You should at least set the date and time, select your emotional status and provide a short description of the event. You can add other information as location, major participant and recording of the voice, video or photographs. You can see this event on the screen as the green point describing time and emotion. By clicking on the green point, you can display details of every event. Ther is an option to setup one partner and up to three friends to see their experiences.

With your partner, you can use another tool – Partnership meter. That helps you to send a quick signal about how you feel just by very simple gesture – shift the thumb button with two hearts icon to the position that represents your feeling. The tap twice quickly on the button. The button will start rotating. And this will give you approximately 5 seconds ti think. Then if you tap twice quickly on the button again, it will send a message to your partner. You partner can see it immediately on display with comment provided by our system. If you change your mind, stop the button by single tap or let it stop itself. This button is rather lazy and it will stop rotating soon.

Our myMOODaily application contains nice features that you will really love. It’s fun to discover them yourselves. But if you need you can find our How To’s here.

Some of the questions you might have are most probably already answered in in Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page.

And if you still have something you want to ask, don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll be more than happy to answer any of your good questions.