You can read mind to other people

Can we read mind of other people?

Yes, you can read mind of other people

You can read many articles even whole novels about how to read mind of the other people. People sometimes think about this topic and discuss it. Quite a lot. I even watched a movie about that.

It’d be very nice to read minds of the others and understand what the are thinking about. Yes?

Well, actually everyone has this capability. And, to make it more compelling, we’re reading other people continuously. Every day. Every single minute.

You don’t believe?

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Living in the current moment

Living in the Current Moment

Tang Yin, a Chinese poet from Ming dynasty, once wrote:
People live a lifetime of 70 years,
In the first decade, we are no more than a child,
In the last decade, we become feeble and old.
With just fifty years in between, we spend half sleeping.


Impact of life experience on our personality

    Have you ever wondered why you are who you are now? And why you are more mature, confident, charming, professional or sophisticated than before, or less of any of that than before?
    Most of us are living each day as it unfolds, and tend to come to terms with routine ways of living.

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