Can we read mind of other people?

Yes, you can read mind of other people

You can read many articles even whole novels about how to read mind of the other people. People sometimes think about this topic and discuss it. Quite a lot. I even watched a movie about that.

It’d be very nice to read minds of the others and understand what the are thinking about. Yes?

Well, actually everyone has this capability. And, to make it more compelling, we’re reading other people continuously. Every day. Every single minute.

You don’t believe?

Let me explain what do I mean by saying this.

History of the human being is pretty long. It could be measured in millions of years. However, the period of our history, when we are using words, either spoken or written is short. Short, comparing to our whole history. But even without speaking, we were communicating.

Via our bodies.

And such communication was alway critical. We need to understand what the others are planning and going to do. Making friends with us or going to kill us. Read mind of another individual, to understand her/his intention was actually critical ability ti survive.

And we still have this ability.

In the modern world, we are more focused to verbal, written and even digital, media based communication. So we are not aware that much about our ability to read others.

Read their body language.

In fact, most of the information we receive is nonverbal. When you see somebody, you immediately get feeling about her or him. Our internal, unconscious mind is reading all the available information. And during interaction with the opposite person, our mirroring neural system is doing the same. And even driving our behavior. That is actually the way how to read mind of the other person.

Have you ever recognized that you or your discussion partner is repeating the moves you do?

Yes. He or she is doing it. And you’re doing it too. How much depends on the relationship with that individual. When you feel the closer relationship, for any reason, then you both are repeating similar moves. That’s why it is called mirroring.

And you can use your internal system, our internal voice, to understand the others’ minds, intentions, plans… Just try to be more focused on it. Try to refresh your natural skill.

You can even talk to your internal voice.

You can ask your internal voice simple question. Yes or no type of questions.

And wait.

You will very soon feel the answer. Can I trust this person? Does she or he likes me or not? Is she or he happy and agree with what I just said?

Mastering this skill can help you in many cases. Your relationship, work…

Yes, this mechanism does exist and it’s really working. Think about it.

And read our articles. You will get to know more.

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