We are building our company and products in several key things in our minds. They are simple but always leading us.

Help people with their daily lives – we want to contribute to our user’s happy lives, partnership, and relationship. Live is not easy as well as going through our life moments could be challenging. We will always try to help our users by providing better insight of their mood status, deep understanding, and good, friendly advice.

Privacy of private information – information you input into the MOODaily application or any other of our product will be always secure. We will never misuse it, never sell or provide any information to any other party. We will never spam or annoy any of our users. And we will alway protect any of our user of being spammed or attacked by any other user.

Fairness – we want to be open and fair. Everything, what we do, must be correct and fair. We do not copy, steal, misinterpret anything in your system or websites. All information, advice, and recommendation are designed with maximum possible care, correctness, and good intention.